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Our intense 5-week programme will give you all the support to help you create some great results with the guidance of 2 fully qualified personal trainers with both BSc Sport, Exercise and Science, experienced and educated individuals to give you the results you are looking for.

Our programme will share with you our knowledge and tips on how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle to make sustainable life changes.

Our 5- week 2 fit programme gives you everything you need in 5 weeks to use it for the 52 weeks in the year, not just during the programme.

What is 5 weeks 2 fit?

5-week intensive training bootcamp style programme 3 times per week for 5 weeks Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday Attendees receive weekly check-ins with their coach Mini nutritional plans with personalised macros tailored to youMeal ideas and recipes to create changes within your own diet that are sustainable Healthy snacks and tips Access to all 15 classes 2 fully qualified coaches who are there during all 15 sessions along with additional support to keep you on track through the full process to ensure you get the most out of the programme.

coach aeden

meet the other half of our 5 weeks 2 fit coach

Our very own strong man, this kid knows his way around the weights room of any gym and how to lay down the foundations from any strength programme. Aeden is part of both our 5 Weeks 2 Fit Bootcamp and part of the programming for our 5 Weeks 2 Fit Online programme.

Aeden also completed his HNC and HND Fitness, Health and Exercise at Ayrshire College, where he then went onto complete his BSc Sport and Exercise Degree at University. Aeden holds many fitness qualifications such as his level 2 and level 3 personal trainer qualification along with various coaching and weight lifting qualifications.

Aeden’s wealth of knowledge has allowed him to help many of his clients across Ayrshire to give them his support and share his education to show them how to create a health balanced lifestyle through moving and eating well.

Why do you coach ?

I love to see the development in peoples personalities through training, to help them find confidence in them self and their abilities. The feel good factor that comes from fitness is really a huge part of why I coach, the impact on your self-esteem and mental health are benefits I have had for years through training and something which I am extremely passionate about passing onto my clients.

To see the transformations that my self and Lucy are a part of through our 5 Weeks 2 Fit Bootcamp shows me exactly that what we are trying to create through this community is something much better and longer lasting than any diet company or slimming shake could ever give.

What got you into fitness?

Prior to my education I got into fitness through my football team, Partick Thistle who I played professional football for over 5 years with before starting my studies at Ayrshire College. Keeping active has played a huge part throughout my life and will continue to do so for me, not just as a profession but as a hobby and passion I will always have.

So you say you are strong but how strong are you…

Back Squat- 160kg

Deadlift- 175kg

Bench-press- 107.5kg

Not too bad…The same weight of 4428 blue berry muffins. Yum

Aeden’s knowledge is not only in the gym he is our video editor for our programming and our youtube channel, this mans talents are endless.

“make changes you want to see in your self, not what others want to see in you”

Fancy working with Aeden through 1-2-1 personal training or more specific programming drop us an email at


Price List for 5 Weeks 2 Fit


Option 1- Full Package for 5 weeks

5-week intensive training boot-camp style programme 
3 times per week for 5 weeks 
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 
Attendees receive weekly check-ins with their coach 
Mini nutritional plans with personalised macros tailored to you
Meal ideas and recipes to create changes within your own diet that are sustainable 
Healthy snacks and tips 
Access to all 15 classes 


Option 2- Classes only

5-week intensive training boot-camp style programme 
3 times per week for 5 weeks 
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 
Access to all 15 classes 


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For not being a lover of fitness & exercise, I have to say I’ve really enjoyed the 5 weeks 2 fit morning classes. Coaches Lucy & Aeden are so encouraging & motivational. Each class is different which keeps it fresh & there is always good banter which keeps you going.

-Donna Smith

5 weeks 2 fit....honestly one of the best choices I have ever made. It used to be that I could just think I need to trim a little and it happened but now it doesn’t until I found this! Gyms bored me and getting something to fit in with work and life in general was a no go, don’t get me wrong I’m not a morning person but 6am never felt so good. 

Having just completed my first block I can’t praise Coach Lucy and Coach Aeden highly enough. Every class was different and they encouraged the whole time even in the moments where you think oh my goodness I must be mad. My fitness is definitely improved and in the next block I hope to be pushing harder. More importantly as a female the toning up is happening with inches saying goodbye. I am probably most surprised by how much I now enjoy exercise and the buzz that carries me through the rest of the day and for that I think the coach’s must take credit. 

5 weeks, 15 classes and nothing to lose other than inches....it can be hard but it’s so worth it. 

-Kelly Brown Howie

The classes that Lucy and Aeden run are tough but increase your fitness levels quickly.  Pushing you when you need it and supporting you all the time. Never the same workout twice.  I would highly recommend the 5 weeks 2 fit class, I've had amazing results from the last 2 blocks and will be booking my third. These classes are also full of amazing women, each celebrating the victories of others 

-Gillian Cottingham

Coach Lucy and Aeden are fantastic. I have always had a fear or exercise and I have really enjoyed the morning bootcamp! They make you feel like you can do it and are very encouraging! The high fives at the end are great and what coach gives you gifts at the end of a block?? a very special one!!

-Louise Boyle

Well that's me just completed the 5 week 2 fit programme and God do I  feel good for it!! All the early rises have been worth it and not only do I feel a difference in my clothes I also feel a massive change in my motivation and energy levels. Lucy and Aeden are both fantastic coaches and they make everyone feel so welcome. They have pushed me when I wanted to give up, they offered their support and knowledge and most of all they gave it their all as coaches!! Every class was different the effort that went into planning these classes was easily seen!!  All in all I had a great 5 weeks and cant wait for the next block to start!!! 

-Stephanie Watson

Just finished 5 weeks to fit programme with Lucy and Aeden and would strongly recommend it. Lucy and Aeden are fully committed and make exercising fun at the same time as being totally supportive and getting those results. Go for it you won’t regret it. Can’t wait for next challenge.

-Lyn Sharman

I have had great results due to Lucy's energy, originality and encouragement. Classes were so varied for all levels and every one was so nice in the group. Highly recommended Coach Lucy she is amazing with her help I have changed the way I see and eat food without guilt.

- Susanne Lang

Thank you Lucy and Aeden for a fabulous few weeks training ... thoroughly enjoyed it. You are both so motivational and the diverse exercises were all inspired. Never the same workout twice and I have used equipment that I never thought I would ... it’s been great. Couldn’t recommend the “5 weeks 2 fit” programme highly enough

-Katie Purdie