Hey, I'm Coach Lucy!


A little background of the OG her self. so I studied Fitness, Health and Exercise at College both HNC and HND level. Finishing College I went on to study Sport and Exercise Science at UWS, I have now successfully passed and can now officially get a t-shirt made to say I hold a BSc degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

In the last three years of studying health, fitness I have had loads of opportunities to work in this industry. The more I have taken on the more experience I have gained. Working with people of all ages with different goals in mind.

That's the great thing about my job its never boring no two people I work with are the same and everyone has a different reason for wanting my support.

Maybe its to gain knowledge, encourage you to try something new or just the support of having me there in this new training environment. Your reasons for wanting me as your coach are special and I am always exceptionally proud to be a part of that.

I work with individuals who are looking to change their lifestyle for the long run, not just quick fixes. I work with you to build a relationship so that you take as much as possible away for our sessions or coaching online. 

I want you to invest in your self and your knowledge, I want to educate you about your body and how it works so the changes we make from working together are long-lasting.

My knowledge and experience is something I look to share with everyone I work with In the hopes that we can build your confidence and keep you consistent. 

Being consistently good will bring about changes rather than being inconsistently perfect.


Maybe you are new to the gym and need some assistance with technique and getting more familiar with this new environment with the help of your coach. 

Maybe you have been going to the gym for years but have hit a plateau recently and need to be educated as to why this has happened and how to push past this. 

Maybe you need motivation, you know you work best with the encouragement from your coach and without them, you feel you wouldn't be able to reach this. 

Everyone has a different "maybe", and different reasons for having a coach.

If you feel any of these apply to you have a look around get comfy and use to my face!