All classes are adapted to suit each individuals ability, so the classes are suited to a wide variety of ability. People come to the classes for loads of different reasons whether this is to lose weight, tone, keep healthy, improve mobility, de  stress or have fun with friends. Each class is different to keep you on your toes and pushing your self past what you think you can. Classes are welcoming with lots of you lovely ladies making each one great fun and a good laugh, to zone out and let me put you through some sweaty fun!

Monday - Stretch n Flex 9.30am-10.15am, Loans Community Hall *CURRENTLY NOT ON FOR 2019

You can improve your balance, this class is stretch and balance class which has a bit of everything, technique class to improve balance, flexibility and core for daily living. Find your inner strength,mixing yoga palates movements. This is a lower impact class, getting that increased heart rate through holding each pose. Combing balance, general fitness to help prevention of injuries. Seeing a difference in just as little 4 classes. Find your balance from with your core with Karen. This class will progress on a 6 week block from week to week you will improve on so many different movements.

Monday -Legs, Bums and Tums, 5.45pm - 6.30pm, Loans Community Hall
This class is a full body workout specifically targeting the legs, glutes and abdominals through a use of body weight exercises LBT is a fantastic calorie burning workout, great for those who just generally want to get fit and raise their stamina with some aerobic exercise.


Tuesday - Kettlebells, 5.45pm - 6.30pm, Loans Community Hall
The kettlebell is such an effective training tool because it blends strength training and cardiovascular training. Helping to sculpt and change your body shape. Getting the basics and feeling comfortable with the kettlebell might take a class or two, so be sure to have some patience when first starting out. 

Thursday - Body Con,  9.30am - 10.15am, Loans Community Hall *CURRENTLY NOT ON FOR 2019

This class is a resistance class using bands and your body to help to conditioning your body into its best both inside and out. Our Body Con class is body weight based using your own weight through full body movements meaning you are using more muscle groups at the one time through movements such as squats and plank. This class is sure to show you all the amazing things you can do with your body and how to work at your maximum.

Thursday - Bodybells, 5.45pm - 6.30pm, Loans Community Hall
This class is a combination of our kettlebell exercises with both body weight to add variation and keep your body wanting more. This class is great for a full body workout for maximal calorie burn. We use interval training during this class working for shorts bursts with periods of complete rest after each exercise.


There is no choreography at any of the classes meaning you can focus on maximising your work time during each exercise. Functional full body movements completed in short bursts with short rest periods at a maximal intensity. 


Class Timetable 2018 Sep-Dec (12).png

Assistant Coach Karen

Karen’s classes will be very mixed and challenging, her 10 years experience as a circuit coach already will show you that. Karen’s classes are also inspired by her 20 years ballet dancing at royal academy of dancing. This woman can plank like her life depends on it.

Assistnat Coach Karen.png

Karen is a woman of many talents she also studied HND Beauty Therapy where she learned all about reflexology, anatomy, and physiology she has a great understanding of the human body and how it all works. Karen is also currently working towards more qualification in the fitness industry.

" I love to see people getting a buzz from my classes, I enjoy seeing people get the benefits from exercise physically but mentally, to see them change and grow through your coaching. Seeing my clients strength and wellbeing changed in just as little as 4 sessions"

What to expect from Karen's classes...

Friendly, all fitness levels from beginners to advanced everyone is welcome Karen can adapt and modify to suit.

"At the end of the day, no one really likes to exercise but see at the end of your class or workout you feel amazing and understand why you dragged your self out of the house"

“As we age our bodies change and we lose our strength if we don’t look after our muscles we lose them and the movement we once had in our bodies”

Karen is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals what ever that might be, her bubbly soul will make you feel welcome at all her classes.

Karen has much of the same values as much self and that’s why I am so excited to be working alongside her and her new classes.