Personal Training

There are loads of reasons I love personal training but one of the main reasons is because I get to work one-to-one with you and figure out what your goals are. We can spend as much time as you like together to work towards those goals and achieve them. I have a range of PT options available; you can read more about them below but if you’re still not sure about why you need a PT you can have a read at my FAQ’s…

Why Coach Lucy?

I know there are lots of PT’s out there so making the decision as to which one you want to help you with your goal can be difficult. You can read more about me and my qualifications on the ‘About Me’ page but let’s talk about us…

During our personal training sessions we can build the foundations to help you grow your confidence when you are working out in the gym. This means that you will feel able to go into the gym on your own and know that you can still have a good work out. Some of my clients are around for a long time, others just a short while but each of you are important and so are your goals.

Do I need a personal trainer?

That depends. There are lots of difference reasons to have a personal trainer like:

-       To give you confidence about going to the gym

-       To help keep you motivated

-       To make sure you have good technique to avoid risk of injury, work the targeted muscles properly, and to maximise your progress

-       To work be specific about towards your specific goals:

Weight loss
Increase muscle mass

Building your confidence within those new enviroment 

Teaching you about the variety of training methods to find what is going to suit you best 

If you think you fall into any of these then maybe personal training is for you. If not, have a look at my classes or online programmes.

What to expect at your first PT session?

I know, coming to the gym/personal training session for the first time can be a bit daunting but maybe some of the information below can help:

What should I wear?

some lightweight clothing and non-slip supportive trainers will be enough to get you working out. Bring some water and a towel if you think you might need it!

How long will it last?

Normally we will work together for about an hour.

What will we do?

Your first few sessions we will work on the basics your movement patterns and how we are going to progress with our sessions to make sure you are getting the best from each one. Its also an opportunity for you and me to get to know each other and build a good relationship I want you to feel comfortable with me to let me push you and encourage you throughout your sessions. 

Think of me as your gym buddy who just so happens to be qualified in all this fitness stuff. 

Group Training Sessions ? 

Working out alongside a friend or even someone you don't really know that well is a great way to motivate each other and push you more than you maybe could during 1-2-1 sessions on your own. The sessions give you the opportunity to work with someone in a similar position as your self who wants to achieve similar goals. The friendly competition during sessions helps to maximize your performance during the workout. As well as you both being able to use the knowledge gained from those sessions in your own workouts without your coach. 

Twice the fun and helps save some dolla!

This can be for you and up to two of your friends


1 hour PT
£20 *This cost is separate to your membership and you would pay your PT directly. You do not require to be member of the gym for Personal Training. 

30 minute PT
£10 *This cost is separate to your membership and you would pay your PT directly. You do not require to be member of the gym for Personal Training. 

Block PT
Booking a block of personal training sessions is great to keep yourself motivated and can save you £5.00 each session! 


5 sessions - £75
7 sessions - £100
10 sessions - £150

non members

5 sessions - £95
7 sessions - £130
10 sessions - £190

Group PT
£10 per person *This cost is separate to your membership and you would pay your PT directly. You do not require to be member of the gym for Personal Training. 


Jodie Rogers


Coach Lucy is just the best! She has encouraged me to push myself and reach goals I never thought I would ever have been able to! I have been doing PT, 5 weeks to fit bootcamp & evening classes and everyone is so lovely it is like one big supportive family.

Laura Christie


I’ve only been going to PT sessions with Lucy for the past 12 weeks but in those weeks I have noticed a change in my fitness levels, body shape and attitude to working out & eating habits! Taking time to explain workouts and what we are looking to achieve with each particular exercise, Lucy keeps my workouts challenging but always enjoyable. Lucy is great fun and motivates me to keep going - I couldn’t ask for anything more in a PT! Highly recommend!

Kara Kindsay


I have been training with Lucy every week for the past 6 months and and have loved every minute of it. As someone with very little experience or knowledge in a gym environment she has consistently kept me motivated and encouraged me to perfect my technique and achieve my fitness goals. Lucy keeps our sessions fun but also challenging. I never thought I would enjoy exercise but I always look forward to seeing her. Can't recommend better PT!

Lydia Hamilton

I’ve been training with Lucy for almost a year now and although the workouts can be challenging she makes them enjoyable. Her understanding of my individual needs with my diet and workout programme has given me results beyond what I thought I could achieve. I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough!

Tammy Mcgeachie


I was very nervous about the idea of getting a PT .. Lucy was a brilliant choice. So kind and lovely to chat too, it really puts the sessions at ease. Totally looks after her clients with constant meal options that she's came up with and messenging on a regular basis to check in .. she's amazing.