Nutritional Plans

Through your personalised nutrition plan we  work towards building new food-related lifestyle habits. I tend to steer away from meal plans. I prefer to educate you on what your body needs and why so that you are able to make your own decision on what will help create a better you. Giving you the opportunity to take charge of your own nutrition in a way that will work best for you for the long run rather than just a few weeks. 

We work together on a weekly basis to look at what you are eating and when, as well as looking at what kind of an impact this is having on your body. Your goals and body is forever changes so therefore your nutrional needs are too, with your plan we can help make all of your hard work a success. 


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4 weeks - £20
12 weeks - £35

Gym Plan Only 

12 week programme - £65

Gym Plan and Nutrition
12 week programme and nutrition - £100