Client Progress



It has been just over a year since we started training together, Lydia had been to a few other gyms but really found she wasn't being pushed how she wanted to be so she hadn't been in awhile. Her holiday to Bail was only a few weeks away and she wanted to look her best. So we started with 2 strength training sessions each week on the run up to her holiday. She never missed a session and did anything and everything I asked of her.
After a few weeks we started to focus on Lydia's diet because this plays such a big part in our performance in both sport or physical activity but just general daily life. It was clear Lydia wasn't eating enough of what she should be. Lydia like many other women had the perception that the less food she ate the better she would look. So 6 weeks before her holiday I put her macros right up past what she needed at her base, normally before a holiday if your looking to lose weight you would go into a deficit. But this wasn't what Lydia needed. She's always on the go, working long hours on her feet and fitting in times to eat was really difficult as she was never has a proper break. After much hard work and dedication Lydia looked amazing in Bail, but this was just the start.

After increasing her training to 3 times a week and taking better control of her eating habits she's made loads of amazing progress from the trust she has in me as her coach. Her training is always changing and as are her goals, after putting on 6kg you can she how beneficial this has been to bring Lydia back up to a healthy weight along with taking on more lean mass. I've seen her strength increase from a 32kg deadlift to rep out an impressive 67.5kg within 6 months. This girl continues to make me proud not only for her work but her trust in the process. As well as her outlook on herself. When Lydia started PT it wasn't really for her it was how she felt everyone else should see her. And now she does it because she enjoys getting strong, looking after her body and of course catching up with me. She is loving her self from the inside out.


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Kara joined me for coaching just before Christmas of 2017, we had a few sessions to see how she wanted to progress and what support she was looking for from me. Truth is, Christmas got in the way but in January we started a fresh, in 4 weeks Kara was down 12 pounds from just 1 session a week, a class, taking control of her diet and seeing what she was capable of doing. These changes radiated from Kara.

Kara, just like all girls her age still wants to enjoy her life, go out at the weekend meet friends for food etc and she can do all that, she knows how important it is to be consistently good than inconsistently perfect. When Kara started strength training she was naturally very strong and this is something we have continued to grown on. Working on her techniques with lifts and functional movements patterns. Each session Kara learns new things to take away and utilise without me being there.

You don't want to pay for a PT for your life you want to gain the knowledge they have to give you to help you do this on your own when you for comfortable.




When I first started the gym I would train 6 days a week doing bodybuilding type style workouts to sculpt my body the way I wanted it to look. Starting crossfit changed all this for me, I got addicted to lifting weights and becoming stronger, fitter, faster the best version of me I could be. I still chase that goal every time I come into the gym but now, it's about my performance; how well I can perfect my movements and how I can get better. I'm always chasing new personal bests and faster times.
It's true though that with athletics comes aesthetics, because without realising it my body has been changing and adapting because of the type of training I'm doing. I don't check my weight and look at my body and look for things I want to change. I look at it and see how strong and amazing it is.

I also don't look at my weight and automatically think I have to diet to achieve a certain stature. I look at my food and think how can I build a better engine through my diet to improve my performance? I use food as my fuel which means eating more and having more freedom with what I eat. I make changes and improve daily without chasing a number on the scale. I love my strength, my food and how they're changing me for the better.

I'm building the best me.


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"For years I have followed low calorie diets and Even though I had lost 5 stone on my own, I felt my body was stuck in a rut and I knew the low calorie diets weren’t sustainable anymore. I contacted Lucy after seeing someone post their results on Instagram, in my first week I lost 2lbs which was amazing considering the amount of food I have been eating and haven’t found myself hungry. I have structured workouts and set days which make it so easy to follow and i can’t wait to see the changes after 4 weeks. Lucy has been so helpful and great at answering all my questions, I would definitely recommend Lucy especially if you’ve gotten a little lost and need pointed in the right direction."

Hannah had lost an amazing 5 stone with Scottish slimmers but found she had hit a brick wall, we looked at Hannah's current training and made some changes she was interested in strength training. She loves to run so we kept this in her training schedule, adding strength days and higher intensity days to help push past this wall she felt she had hit. Utilising both her macros and new training plan Hannah has already made great changes losing weight again steadily so at the end of the 8 weeks it's much more easier to sustain this new weight her body has. Again just like a few others she couldn't believe the amount of food she was eating, sometimes she had room for an extra meal. It made her so much more aware of how much she was depriving her body of food and over training to see more results.



VICKI - ONLINE COACHING (12 week program)

Vicki also works in fitness but was finding between work and uni she was struggling to fit I time to train or really look after her self. She wanted the support of a coach to keep her on track and accountable. We designed an in-depth personal 12 week training plan which broke down all of her training days and non training days. Taking her though each session individually and the outcome we wanted to achieve from each session. We focused on her diet, as she's a vegetarian she really struggled to get a good amount of protein in and felt she mostly snacked on very carb based food's. We went through alternative protein sources, meal ideas to make sure she was enjoying what she was eating. She was amazed to see just how much food she really did need to eat even for weight loss. At first it was difficult because her body had been use to such little food but not her body needs every last thing she's giving it. Vicki had a new love for her training and we seen changes from the first week because she was consistent and stuck at it. In her first 4 weeks she had lost 4kg. Once she was at a happy weight and shape we gradually brought her macros back up to her maintenance as the weight lose phase was complete. It wasn't all easy for the 12 weeks, it's a long time 3months and things get in the way that's called life but Vicki did wonderful at shaking off and starting fresh. She continues to make her me time to go to the gym or get out side and keep giving her body what it needs.


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Alanah wanted to change her body shape she loves her strength her body has with her Olympic lifting but was looking to lose some weight to add some more shape and definition to her. As well as helping her performance during her training and competitions. She wanted to be fuleing her body well and with the rights things. We took a look at what she was already eating and how active she already was and any changes she was looking to make moving forward. We set out her macros which change a few times until we found what was benefiting her physical performance and getting the results we where looking for. This wee pocket rocket is just getting better and better, she knows what her body needs and how to look after it to get the results from both her training and eating habits l. She loves her pizza on a Friday night but her macros always account for this and she makes changes accordingly. It's about learning how my you need to fuel your body to see these changes and keep your self sane no diet is worth giving up your favourite food's for life, not going to social events or just living your life. It's about consistency and making achievable goals.



Tracey - 12 week home programme  

For some of us we don't have access to a gym or time to get to one. As brilliant as all the equipment in these places are some times your body is the only thing you really need. 

Tracy and I worked together to plan all of her workouts to be done at home. Mostly body weight with some extra weight added with the things she has at home. She has really focused on her eating over the last 12 week's, not missing out in the things she's enjoys just looking at her portion control and making small changes on a daily basis. 

Her programme was tailored to her lifestyle and her own goals.

"The last few weeks have gone really well since i started working with you. I was about 8 weeks postpartum and needed help getting back into exercise and my eating back on track. You have helped remind me that the number on the scales isn’t the most important thing! I have really loved getting back to lifting weights, it makes such a difference to your body shape. Tracking, like everything is easy some days and hard others. But i like the way it works & it totally changes your mindset. Nothing is out of bounds, its great "


Tammy- Personal Training

Tammy’s goal has been to tone up and work on what she called her my mum tum. After months of going alone she was losing motivation and hope that she would be able to reach her goals. Doing 2-3 gym classes a day maybe 3-4 days a week and eating on the go wasn't working for her she was tried, drained, grumpy and sore. 

“I started working with Coach Lucy in October when I took the left photo. She's taught me the effects of over training and under eating, and got me on the right path. I now train sometimes only 3 times a week and when I'm working long shifts I now enjoy a three meal day and a packet of crisps without guilt. I am so happy I started this. I can see changes in my body, my mental health and my fitness levels.”

“What a change having someone behind you cheering you on and believing in you makes, not to mention the laughs and jokes we have in between.  I never dread a session or think 'is it worth it' now”